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Crissy Moran Bio and Information

Born-again Christian, Crissy Moran, is a former adult model and porn star who continues to be highly searched and desired.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Crissy has said that she was always a shy girl in school. She had popular friends but was always offering them support instead of sharing in their spotlight.

After she graduated high school, she took a job with the city and worked in several of their offices over the course of four years. She also picked up a couple of night jobs for extra income.

It was while at work that she started surfing the internet and looking up model portfolios. She was intrigued by their pictures and lives and decided to post a profile of herself with a willingness to do non-nude work. The offers came pouring in right away.

Every one wanted to see Crissy naked and she kept saying no until she met the right photographer who made her feel comfortable. She did her first shoot in 1999 and the sky was the limit after that.

Although Crissy no longer models, there is no shortage of images of the busty 34D-23-35 cutie still making their way onto the internet and waiting to be seen.